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Maria B. Bourke, InspirActionMaria

Maria B. Bourke, InspirAction


Hi! I’m Maria B. Bourke. Brigid is my middle name! My company is InspirAction as I believe inspiration without action is a lost opportunity and likewise action without inspiration lacks the vital energy for success.

Come visit my stand and Pick a Card from My Kinda Magik Affirmation cards…. to keep!

I am a Personal Empowerment Facilitator and Coach, Author of My Kinda Magik Book and Workbook and creator of My Kinda Magik Affirmation Cards.

I work with my clients in several ways (full details on my website

- One to One Coaching (both in person and online) for individuals and couples.
- I have created and facilitate courses and workshops both in person and online.
- I created and run the 321 Focus 30 day online challenge designed to help people become deliberate co-creators of their lives with a 20 minutes daily investment!

I’ll be giving a talk on 321 Focus on Saturday 6:40 pm and again on Sunday 6:00 pm.

On my stand you will be able to buy:

My Kinda Magik Book & Workbook
My Kinda Magik Cards

I’d love to talk to you about how I can help and support you in your life.

For more information see where you will also find all my Social Media links.

Maria B. Bourke

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