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Maria B. Bourke

Maria B. Bourke


Maria B. Bourke, is a Personal Empowerment Facilitator and Coach, Author of My Kinda Magik Book and Workbook and creator of My Kinda Magik Affirmation Cards.

She is a reformed workaholic who originally graduated from DCU in 1987 (when it was NIHE!) with an honours degree in Language and International Marketing. At the height of her ‘business career’ Maria – having spent 15 years working in Sales and Marketing roles nationally and internationally - was a finalist in the Young Business Woman of the Year contest in 2000. The following day Maria realised that the ladder she was climbing was not only against the wrong wall, it was not even in the right building.

I was living the life everyone else expected me to live. While I appeared outwardly to have it all, inside I was dying.”

In 2003/4 she retrained as a Life and Business Coach with the ILI.

In 2005, 2006 and 2007 she visited Australia to undertake the Louise L. Hay Heal Your Life basic and advanced teacher training.

In 2006 she launched Jumpstart Your Life – a 5 week life changing personal development course.

In May 2017 she launched her books My Kinda Magik and My Kinda Magik – The Workbook, having originally blogged both on her website. My Kinda Magik Cards were launched in December 2017.

Her tips for New Years Resolutions were featured in The Sunday Independent 30 December 2018

Maria does One to One Coaching with individuals and couples both in person and online. She has created and facilitates courses and workshops.

She runs the 321 Focus 30 day online challenge designed to help people become deliberate co-creators of their lives with a 20 minutes daily investment!

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