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Live Sound Meditation

Roisin Graham


My Intention for today’s Sound Bath Meditation is: “Time For Me Because I Deserve It”

Sometimes we find it difficult to let ourselves off the hook…give ourselves some time for “Me”.

Today I invite you to let yourself off the hook and give yourself some time out to chill and just listen to the sounds I play for you. The sounds will help you to relax and feel rejuvenated:

Find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed. Lie down or sit down and cover yourself up with a comfy blanket Tell yourself that you are allowing yourself to take this time out to relax

Then Just LISTEN. 

(If you wear a pair of headphones you will get greater benefit from sounds and vibrations.)

The sounds work on a very deep level in the body and help you to relax. They entrain your mind out of constant thinking and give your mind and body a rest. The deep relaxation you gain from the session will help you achieve an overall feeling of wellbeing and calmness. Enjoy

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Roisin Graham

Kinesiologist, Reiki Master & Sound Therapist


Roisin Graham

Roisin Graham

Kinesiologist, Reiki Master & Sound Therapist

Roisin is Happy to Work With You in a Very Holistic Way To Help You to Feel More:

Energising sleep

Able to Handle Stress
Free of Fear and Anxiety

Empowered To Move Your Life In The Direction That You Most Want It To Go

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