Hall 4 - RDS, Dublin|8th, 9th and 10th November



After nearly 20 years of intensive research, a Hungarian scientist has finally succeeded in recording the specific information patterns of organic molecules and making them available directly to our cells in the form of various sprays, creams, and nutritional supplements.

Active ingredients and information from medicinal plants, minerals, healing crystals, colloidal metals, etc. are being combined to support one another, which means that 3000 different pieces of information are provided to the cells. This information then reaches the cells in a matter of seconds through vibrations and could have a positive effect on cell energy and regeneration. The creations with these vibrating essences could support beauty, well-being, vitality, joie de vivre and health in a positive manner. They have EU approval as cosmetic products.

What could be possible if you raise up your self-healing system with quantum physics “to go”? What, if a little spray brings you more energy for your cells and is able to take your body, mind and soul into balance… You don’t believe in this? Let’s spray together! Visit us at stand 92!

If you are interested to buy any of the products please go to this website lavylites.com using my ID 458722. Feel free to contact me with any question you have! Phone: 086 8283296, email: ilona_pflaumbaum@web.de. Warm Greetings, Ilona.

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