Hall 4 - RDS, Dublin|8th, 9th and 10th November

Kailaasa in Ireland - Nithyananda Sanga


Ma Nithya Vishalakshananda, an initiated Hindu Monk of the Nithyananda order and her spiritual sister will be enriching about our Guru, Bhagawan Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam, the revival of the authentic Sanatana Hindu Dharama lifestyle and the Vedic sciences. They will be offering free third eye body scans, mind reading and healings at the stand to help people identify and remove obstacles in their health, wealth and relationships. We will be enriching people about the free Kalpataru program, which is the science of how to manifest their reality. Enrich about authentic Nithyananda Yoga, the Gurukul education system, Nithyananda Global Hindu University, third eye power manifestation and the current revival of the enlightenment ecosystem - Kailaasa Nations, which is happening worldwide and being established in Ireland.

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