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Jacqueline Kennedy


My name is Jacqueline Kennedy, 37 yrs of age and born and raised in Dublin. Since I could hold a pencil and dip my tiny hands in paint I began my journey as an Artist. Not fully understanding what my connection would be, later on, I just knew it was part of who I am. After Animation college and watercolour classes it still never settled with me to be taught and I continued to stick on my own path.

My love for Dragons, Unicorns, fairies and my Celtic heritage was always my guide but still not fully understanding the significance and its true divine connection within me through the brush to the canvas. In my early teens I let go of what was expected and painted intuitively and it was a form of deep meditation and channelling.

I would like to tell you my inspiration was Leonardo DA Vinci or Picasso but I would be telling a lie. I'm inspired by people. Their journeys, battles, love, lessons and strength. I work with all mediums, brushes, sea sponge, sacred water and also painting using Crystals.

I am also a Reiki practitioner, but not so much working with people but with the art. Gives it a very special touch. This is the first big exhibit that I am ready for.

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