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I am You enlighten

I am You Enlighten - Nita Pauere


My name is Nita Pauere.  I am a certified Life coach, Spiritual teacher and Reiki master. I work with energy and connect with all it is. I work with Violet flames and Ascended masters. Energy healing and healing with arts is my favourite subject. I Am working with my clients for more than 5 years now. I decided to expand and do it online to share my ability world wide. I am a Life coach and Guide to those who feel lost and need to find that internal kick to change a life. I am energy healer, to those who need some assurance and improvement in the mental and physical body. In my personal life, I am a granddaughter, daughter, sister, wife, mother, grandmother. I am a friend to all those who are learning, teaching and expanding, by helping others. As with healing and card readings I do also free sessions online.

I am also gifted Clairvoyant, Medium, Energy Healer and Spiritual Teacher. I use my ability`s to communicate with Angels and Guides and Loved ones and bring messages to all those who are searching for answers of unknown. I am an intuitive Card and Crystal reader.

You can find me also at my facebook page angelsandcrystalsbynita

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