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Humble Gut - Terrie Pugh


Do You Want To Lose Weight, Lose Inches, Gain Lifestyle Tips For Reducing Stress Or Gaining Sleep?

Terrie is a fully qualified nutrition and health coach, supporting you to listen to your gut feeling and in the process help you lose weight & fix health issues.

As a busy career driven young mum, I found myself looking after my customers better than I was looking after myself until my health became an all-time low and my weight an all-time high. Through self-learning, I began to root cause my issues and started to heal myself and lose two stone in the process and keep it off.

This prompted me to go on to study nutrition and health further and now I am happiest when I am supporting clients by educating them and working with them to help them root cause they’re own health issues and poor habits, leading to managing their weight, stress levels and issues such as IBS and saying goodbye to health problems like constipation, heart burn, joint pain and general tummy upset which leads to my clients losing weight, having more energy, better sleep and an overall feeling of vitality.

I love working as a nutrition and health coach and would love to work with you, to live the happier, healthier lifestyle you deserve.

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