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Hot Yoga Dundrum


My name is Sophia Daly and I am Co-founder of Hot Yoga Dundrum, along with my sister Nadia Daly. We are a leading provider of Wellness Programmes which includes yoga, pilates and meditation which benefits our clients from a psychological and physiological perspective.

We were established in 2012, and over the past 6 years, we have perfected the art of combining different forms of yoga to create numerous benefits for our clients such as improving productivity, lowering anxiety and stress, improving mood, sharpening attention and concentration, calming the nervous system and increasing brain function.

At our welcoming sanctuary on Victoria Terrace in Dundrum, we have a team of ten teachers who all offer different styles of teaching. We have over 1,000 people attending classes per month and we see this growing. Our teachers are experts who have trained in Thailand, India and Bali. Our clients find that the energy in our classes surpasses any other studio in Dublin.

We use techniques to boost mood and performance and overall wellbeing, for example, ‘pranayama’ which are the breathing techniques of yoga. We also use inversions like handstands and legs up the wall to reverse the blood flow in the brain and the legs to improve circulation and release endorphins. Overall Yoga offers more psychological and physiological benefits than most other activities.

For more information please visit or Instagram hotyogadundrum

Sophia Daly

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