Hall 4 - RDS, Dublin|17th, 18th & 19th May 2019

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Holistic Wellness – The ‘Better Story’ - Lana O'Farrell


Find out how you can immeasurably improve your life by accepting that there is ‘a better story’ of human existence – a better story that is based on understanding Universal and Human energy including unity, connection, wholeness, love and the magic of being. A better story recognises that we all are awesome, spiritual beings of light, having an Earthly experience. A better story allows us to rise out of the monotonous struggle and grudge of daily life, recognise our true power and potential and start living the life we all deserve.

Knowing and living the better story brings true holistic wellness, which is the harmony and balance between three aspects of your being: body, mind and soul. We feel this harmony when we experience joy, peace and gratitude in our lives. When we find this harmony, we realise that true wellness comes from inside ourselves and we feel empowered to build the life we deserve.

During Lana’s talk, you will learn simple but effective techniques to help you develop a strong awareness of the ‘better story’, achieve and maintain body-mind-soul harmony and thus introduce true holistic wellness into your life.

Lana O'Farrell

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