Hall 4 - RDS, Dublin|17th, 18th & 19th May 2019

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Healing and Transformation with Shungite Crystal - Lana O'Farrell


Shungite is a healing gift to our Planet Earth from the Universe, an amazingly powerful mineral that merges Celestial and Earthly harmonies. Some of you have experienced the healing power of Shungite or have read or heard about it. There is currently a great surge of interest in this potent compound, prompted by our need to heal ourselves and our planet and to move to higher dimensions.

Lana O’Farrell has a very special connection with Shungite and uses Shungite in her healing and spiritual development work. Lana, who is originally from Russia, has been to Karelia in Russia - the only place on Earth where Shungite is found. She visited Shungite sites, saw Shungite items crafted and met amazing healers who shared their Shungite techniques with her.

Come to Lana’s talk and hear about the wonderful healing and spiritual experiences that Shungite can offer you, learn to harness the power of this mysterious compound, and hear about the Shungite trip to Russia which Lana is planning for August 2019.

During the workshop, you will:

 • learn about the history, science and legends of shungite

• find out about new ways of using Shungite to promote your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing

• learn how to care for your Shungite and how to program it to address the issues that are of the greatest importance to you right now

• ask Lana questions about Shungite and share your stories with others

You can buy Shungite crystals, jewellery, pyramids, orbs, and enjoy a short Shungite healing session at Lana’s stand, No. 5, during the event.

Lana O'Farrell

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