Hall 4 - RDS, Dublin|8th, 9th and 10th November

Happiness at Work

Happiness at Work - Dee Hennessy


This seminar draws on Dee’s experience as a well-being consultant to workplaces across Ireland. Even the best workplaces are filled with stress, impatient bosses and colleagues, and ever-increasing meetings, multi-tasking and deadlines. Our always online approach means boundaries between work and rest are now blurred, and we are becoming deskilled in the art of relaxation and being. But as neuroscience increasingly shows, meditation and mindfulness is the antidote to workplace stress, cynicism and burnout.

This seminar will draw on secular wisdom and outline attitudes, tools and techniques to support you to find new ways in the workplace to:

• be committed without being consumed,
• better manage your time and emotions to counterbalance workplace stress and frustration,
• be more creative, organized, and accomplished - happier at work.

You will leave with a framework to support your sustained wellbeing and happiness at work.

Dee Hennessy

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