Hall 4 - RDS, Dublin|17th, 18th & 19th May 2019


Hanumnanasana - Robyn Fitzsimons


Honouring the great leap made by Hanuman, the famous monkey god, join Robyn for this ‘journey to the front splits’ yoga class.

It is perhaps one of the most symbolic postures practised today. A physical representation of the leap Hanuman made, which took him across the ocean from the tip of India to the mountains in Sri Lanka, Front Splits pose demands flexibility, strength, and stability. Take a leap with Robyn, and indulge yourself in a challenging vinyasa flow.

The importance of a challenging asana does not lie in how the posture appears, but in how the asana makes you feel, allowing you to master your breath and overcome the adversities of the mind. More than just an incredible leap, Hanuman is remembered, celebrated and worshipped because of his great devotion, courage, and his desire to see good rise above evil. To be devoted, one must be bold enough to stand firm in their beliefs, selflessly serving others and putting their needs above your own. 

Robyn Fitzsimons

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