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Gift of Health - Mariandy Lennon


This workshop is based on the book "Gift of Health", a guide to Holistic Health for Stress management/ Age control using the iRechargeMe programme. The iRechargeMe programme is about using a range of techniques to make people feel and look younger in a holistic natural way.

I will be giving practical tips on how to live a holistic lifestyle. Effective inputs to contribute to your physical body, your mental/spiritual side and the chemical aspect which is nutrition will be the key points. This trilogy is the essential aspect of holistic living. Some simple practices like breathing techniques and positive auto-suggestive exercise will be integrated into the talk. Learn how to achieve total health and fitness and slow down the ageing process Learn how to deal with emotional baggage and to delete negativity in life and achieve a focus on the here and NOW.

Mariandy Lennon

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