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Eating Freely


Eating Freely is a program for anyone caught in the Diet/Crash/Binge/Guilt Diet Cycle, and who has been trying to lose weight for years, with no permanent success.

The problem is not about food, it is about how you use food for emotional reasons!

Eating Freely is a comprehensive one to one program designed to break the cycle of emotional and binge eating, teaching you how to achieve TRUE and PERMANENT freedom around food.

We are a community of over 30 Psychotherapists and Nutritional Therapists based around Ireland, specifically trained to work with clients struggling with emotional eating, binge eating, ‘Serial Dieting’ and Bulimia.

We combine CBT, Nutritional Rehabilitation (NOT a diet), Neuroscience and Mindfulness/self-compassion to transform your relationship with food, and yourself, forever.

Our Program will also be available as a Group Program later this year.

Come and chat with us at the show to find out more about ‘Eating Freely’ with no obligation. We will be hosting short talks throughout the three days at our stand, so call over to check the times these will be happening.

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