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Dr. Jyoshna La Trobe

Dr. Jyoshna La Trobe


Jyoshna’s music is written with the ink of her heart and gives a true representation of her life’s journey as a lover in love with Love and neo humanist, who cares for every living being on this planet. She is also an ethnomusicologist specializing in the Music of Rarh, India, completing her PhD in Music, at SOAS, London on Marai Kirtan and the Performance of Ecstasy in West Bengal, India and is well known as an international workshop leader and presenter.

Jyoshna is a prolific singer/songwriter and has authored over 30 albums of original and ethnographic material including Dharmacakra, ancient and modern songs in Sanskrit (2015); Unity Hours I and II (2010) and III (2019) meditations on love and life’s varied landscapes. Passionate about creating connections between people and cultures, Jyoshna collaborates with musicians from all over the world and brings a depth of experience to share with all, through her songs.

The love/lover celebrated in many of these songs is perhaps better understood in the Sufi meaning of the word “beloved” given the spiritual import of these lyrics which exude a sublime joy about life, the natural world and especially the great unknowables which remain tantalisingly beyond reach but give her a spiritual compass.

We've probably said this before, but it bears repeating: Jyoshna is unique: jyoshna-unity-hours-iii-jyoshnamusiccom

Ecstatic experience of kiirtan

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