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Doorway to Freedom

Doorway to Freedom - Penelope Toniaccini


Penelope Toniaccini – Clinical Hypno-Psychotherapy - specialising in Stress, Anxiety and Depression

We all have issues and challenges but sometimes we feel powerless to overcome them and feel our life is controlled by them, sometimes we’ve had our issue so long it feels as if we were born with it! But let me give you some news, nobody was born with emotional issues and the way they were created the can be undone with some help! What would your life be like if you woke up in the morning and knew you are free of your issue? Think about it…

About Doorway To Freedom

Doorway To Freedom was founded to help people who are struggling with mental health. Penelope provides help with all anxiety related issues spanning from stress, low self-esteem, panic attacks, depression, bereavement and more. The aim of Penelope's work is to normalise mental health by working with the emotions rather than by giving advice for coping with the issues; in this way, the triggers causing the symptoms are deactivated and therefore the symptoms will cease to exist.

Unpleasant emotions, like a tightness in the chest, a pang in the stomach, a racing heart, blushing etc. are an alarm bell to let us know that something is dis-aligned with our true self, our deeper mind, what we call our unconscious.

Because we don't know how to deal with these emotions, often not really knowing where they are coming from or why we even get them, and anyway just because they are unpleasant, "bad" emotions, we want to get away from them, trying and suppress them, but all this does is causing the unconscious mind to create even stronger emotions, as a way to call on our conscious attention to try and have whatever is wrong, resolved, and therefore our stress or anxiety increases, and sometimes we even become depressed because nothing or nobody really seems to make those emotions go away.

By accessing the unconscious mind through hypnosis, the emotions can be worked on and so the situations that originally brought them on. Working with the unconscious means accessing and resolving the root problem, and the new information learnt during the sessions becomes a new blueprint which changes completely the way you will feel going forward.

Doorway To freedom - Nothing is Impossible, the word itself says I'M POSSIBLE!

Ph: 085 785 0828 

Penelope Toniaccini

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