Hall 4 - RDS, Dublin|8th, 9th and 10th November

Doorway to Freedom

Doorway to Freedom - Penelope Toniaccin


Penelope Toniaccini – Clinical Hypno-Psychotherapy - specialising in Anxiety, Depression and Bereavement

We all have issues and challenges but sometimes we feel powerless to overcome them and feel our life is controlled by them, sometimes we’ve had our issue/s so long it feels as we were born it! But let me give you some news, nobody was born with emotional issues and the way they were created the can be undone with some help! What would your life be like if you woke up in the morning and knew you are free of your issue? Think about it…

About Hypnotherapy

Before embarking on a course of hypnotherapy you must have reached a point of life changing desire. Hypnotherapy brings about real change in yourself in the form of resolution of unprocessed or incorrectly processed past experiences self-confidence and mastery of your own potential. These changes can happen in a fairly short amount of time compared to traditional therapy thanks to the use of hypnosis however the journey can be unsettling even while experiencing positive changes from the beginning and therefore commitment is required.

Hypnotherapy is a process which needs to be completed before being able to appreciate the full extent of the improvement in the quality of life, therefore it is expected that any wish to discontinue therapy, either because of satisfactory or unsatisfactory improvement thus far, should first be discussed with the therapist who can advise in your best interest. Discontinuing therapy before its conclusion may have adverse effects and does not allow for full recovery from the issue presented and therefore relapse may be experienced.

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Penelope Toniaccini

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