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Divine Plan Healing



Divine Plan Healing is a new, different healing system. Unlike energy therapy, it uses a spiritual healing light. It works directly at the level of consciousness where hidden fears, the negative voice running in our head stops our confidence and blocks our potential to do something new, including stopping our ability to heal.

 It works at a 5th dimensional level. In our 3rd dimensional world, we are surrounded by fear, doubt, emotion and healing is obstructed by this. The 5th dimension is unconditional love where the heart is opened and able to receive the healing it needs. It combines the Emerald Heart healing light with the love and nurturing light of Mary Magdalene to develop self-worth, the key to healing yourself.

It is a powerful six-week healing process! A healing session starts the process, followed by using the Divine Love Essence to extend the healing. It continues to clear residual ‘stuff’ that comes up into your energy field.  You have a follow-up consultation. The client has control and responsibility for their own healing so they are empowered rather than made dependent on someone else ‘fixing’ the issue.

It helps to release the fears that block your growth and then you can make changes in your life. You can accurately 'see' the patterns behind an issue causing problems. Once you see it, you can release the pattern. 

It works on any level: physical, emotional, mental, spiritual. It is not linked to any religious belief system.

Some outcomes for people who received healing:

• Finally understood what was keeping them stuck in life
• Lost their fear of trying new things eg. a course/new event/ new job
• Set up stronger boundaries
• For me, I lost my fear of leaving a ‘steady’ job and the poverty consciousness ideas behind it. My lifelong interest has become grounded and real and I now focus on therapy work and I am a teacher of Divine Plan Healing.

Please visit Stand 68 and have a chat. I would love to meet you. Mary Gallagher - 087 7813844

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Mary Gallagher

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