Hall 4 - RDS, Dublin|8th, 9th and 10th November

Dee Hennessy Dublin Mind Body Experience

Dee Hennessy BD. MSc. MBI 


Dee is a Master Facilitator, Mindfulness and Spirituality Teacher, and Spiritual Companion.

Having spent years studying both Eastern and Western Wisdom traditions Dee’s work draws on these teachings and integrates them with the emerging evidence-based neuroscientific data that our wellbeing as humans is best supported by practices that nourish and support our ‘Be –ing’, never more so than in this time of over-emphasis on ‘Do-ing’ and ‘Busy-ness’.

Dee’s professional background is in Facilitation, Coaching, Retreats and Mindfulness. Dee is passionate about her work in supporting individuals and organisations across Ireland to negotiate what are often challenging periods of significant change.

Dee lives in a small cottage in rural north Kilkenny and it is here in the silence and the space of country living that much of her current work in writing and developing online and face to face Mindful Living resources emerges. All of Dee’s work is shaped by a commitment to a presence and deep listening as core to supporting each individual or team with whatever is their quest or challenge.

  'We cannot stop the waves but we can learn to surf' Jon Kabat Zinn

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