Hall 4 - RDS, Dublin|8th, 9th and 10th November

cutting of ties workshop

Cutting of Ties Workshop - Alison Byrne


Free yourself from restrictive ties with people, addictions, life situations, and more…..

This workshop will help you to cut ties which are restricting you, and so you gain more freedom, happiness and ease in your life.

We all have energy ties to many things, people, experiences etc. You will learn what these ties are, and how we form them. We will also look at how negative ties can lead to tiredness, illness, unhappiness and feeling “stuck”.

You can cut ties with people who are in your life at present, or were in your life in the past (it doesn’t matter if the person is alive or dead). You can also cut ties with addictions; compulsive behaviour; childhood traumas; illness etc.

Only negative ties are cut, leaving any positive ties intact, with more room to develop. This means that you can even cut ties with difficulties you have in your loving relationships, allowing the positive aspects to grow and flourish.

Alison Byrne

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