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Choose an evocative and unique acrylic painting on canvas from the wide selection available on, Prices range from €15 to €200.

Angelic Feathers

Nichole Sedwick Art

Angelic Feathers Ruby and Purple

Nichole Sedgwick Art

Angelic Feathers Cobalt and Purple

Nichole Sedgwick Art

Angelic Feathers Verdant and Yellow

You can request your own customised Angelic Feathers painting. As you can see from the paintings here, they come in two different hues. All you have to do is tell me what two colours you would like. They can differ from the colours shown in the pictures. The paintings are approximately 12 inches wide x 10 inches high, at the special offer of €35 (including posting). Please note that no two Angelic Feathers paintings are identical, even if the colours are the same. Each painting is stringed and ready for hanging.

To order a Special Angel Feather painting, contact Nicola at 085 7396219 or