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Community Spirit Drumming

Community Spirit Drumming - Eamon Carric


 Drumming can bring us into a meditative state in a way that is really fun and happens without effort. When you drum, you begin to focus on the rhythm and because the vibration is so powerful it brings us all into a state of joy and connection.  Drumming also induces relaxation, feelings of well-being, releases tension and reduces stress. Drum circles also provide a space for participants to feel connected with others through music and rhythm.

Drumming can provide an experience for people to discover and connect to a universal language where all participants can be a part of. Through the rhythms, people can let go, release and heal as well as tapping into a deeper part of themselves and others while having fun and learning new things.

Eamon Carrick

The Community Spirit Drumming program was started by Eamon Carrick from Claddagh, Galway in 2011. Eamon has always loved Rhythm and Drumming. He conducted research in relation to music therapy while studying for his Hons Degree in Social Studies & Social Care back in 2007.

Our mission is to empower participants in the learning of drumming, dancing and playing various percussion instruments, and encourage the expression of the true self without criticism. Our purpose is to provide a social space in the community which is alcohol and drug free. The Community Spirit Drumming is guiding by principles such as; Participation, Inclusion, Equality, Encouragement, Respect, Individualism and work as part of a team.

Team-building and bonding drumming workshops are available nationwide as well as school programs, youth and disability groups and workshops for festivals, corporate and private events.

For more information visit the website: and Facebook: CommunityspiritdrummingGalway

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