Hall 4 - RDS, Dublin|8th, 9th and 10th November


Clearmind International


How we are in “relationship” with ourselves, a significant other, our children, family, friends and the outside world determine our experience of life. Clearmind, in essence, is a “relationship school” which provides students with a framework to live a Real and full life, through Real relationships.

Our goal is to help people pioneer a path through areas of personal struggle, discover meaning and purpose in their own lives, and through that to contribute in their own unique way to the well being of others.

Difficult emotions like sadness, fear, anxiety and anger can transform into compassion, excitement, joy and passion when we are pointed in the right direction.

Most of what appear to be external obstacles in our life are really internal ones. We complain about him or her, this or that, and convince ourselves that if things outside of us changed, our experience of life and ability to be fully alive would also change. But our internal landscape determines our experience of the external one.

Clearmind starts this journey with a 3 day intensive workshop, available in Ireland, which provides the opportunity for you to transform your life experience – sound interesting?

Please join us at the Dublin Mind, Body Experience to find out more!!

More information on our website www.clearmind.com or Facebook: Clearmind International

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