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Bríd Keeley

Bríd Keeley


I am a psychic healer from the West of Ireland. While channelling healing I experience my clients’ physical and emotional pain enabling me to direct individual healing to where it is most needed. I have the ability to communicate with the dead and relay messages to their grieving loved ones. In so doing bringing healing to both the living and the deceased.

I will be offering a 40-minute workshop on “Raising the Energy in your Home”. I will be explaining the different types of energy that can cause problems in your home and how to help clear these blocked spaces, including trapped souls, geopathic stress and emotional blockages.

My book Memories And Missions will be available at my stand. It explains my journey from first discovering my gift as a child to becoming a healer.

I will also be selling my recently released CD “Meditation to Our Lady of Knock”. (The beneficially for same being The Holy Ghost Fathers’ / Spiritans).​

Raising the Energy in your Home

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