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Body Talk Presentation - Live Talk 28/06/2020

Jozef Jurkulak

Join Jozef Jurkulak from the Energy & Nutrition Clinic, Dublin for this talk on Body Talk, an integrated health approach. Jozef will also be demonstrating the Brain Balance technique.

BodyTalk is based on the principle that the body is capable of healing itself on all levels. Balancing the body biochemically, physiologically, and emotionally, while addressing beliefs and attitudes, the BodyTalk System is a very powerful tool for personal health and development.

Brain Balance BodyTalk Benefits:

• Promotes overall healing
• Improves well-being
• Improves clarity & focus
. • Improves sleep
. • Reduces the impact of stress.

Immediate benefits include improvements in thinking ability, memory and concentration, stress reduction, physical relaxation, and physiological functioning of the body.

Jozef Jurkulak

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Jozef Jurkulak

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