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Biomagnetism Clinic Dublin

Biomagnetism Clinic Dublin


My name is Vija Stikane I am qualified in Biomagnetism, Bioenergetics and Biomagnetic Neuropsychology.

In my practice, the biggest satisfaction is that I can change people’s lives by improving their health. When I see relief and joy that my clients have when they get well after a long illness, it is a fulfilling experience. That is where I get excitement, energy and the will to continue practising this therapy.

Medical Biomagnetism, also known as Biomagnetic Pair Therapy is a therapeutic system developed by Dr Isaac Goiz Duran, MD based on his discovery of the first Biomagnetic Pair (BMP) in 1988.

This scientifically-based technique facilitates the body in eliminating pathogenic (viral, bacterial, fungal and parasitic) infection by supporting the regulation of the pH levels (the measure of the hydrogen ion concentration of a solution) in the cells.

It is a non- invasive therapy that helps to attain a bioenergetic balance in our bodies (on an ion level) this balance is called " Homeostasis". A Biomagnetic Pair is created when there are 2 specific areas in the body that are energetically connected and resonate with each other, one is positive-acidic the other negative-alkaline.

The Biomagnetism Pair detects, classifies and corrects the fundamental alteration of the pH of living organisms. This therapy will also detect and treat pathologies that are not developed and do not yet give any symptoms. Therapy is used to prevent specific chronic, complex, degenerative diseases, syndromes and tumours that affect personal health, also to correct glandular dysfunctions (imbalances).

After using this technique, the magnetic energy flow improves the repair of damaged tissue and reduces pain, improves oxygen transport in the red blood cells, increases nutrient and oxygen uptake at a cellular level. Greater elasticity of blood vessels, changes in acid/alkaline balance, altering of enzyme and hormone activity, all of these play an important role in the return of good health. 

Conditions treated with Biomagnetism:

Acne | AIDS | Allergies | Alzheimer’s | Anemia | Anxiety | Arrhythmia | Arthritis | Asthma | Attention Deficit Disorder | Autism | Auto Immune Disorders I Back, Neck, Joints and Muscle Pain | Bacterial infections I Bronchitis I Cysts I Cancer | Candida |Carpal Tunnel | Chronic Fatigue | Chronic Pain | Depression | Diabetes | Digestive Disorders | Emotional Issues | Extreme Fatigue | Eczema | Fibromyalgia | Flu | Fungus | Heartburn | Herpes | Hepatitis | High Cholesterol | HIV | Impotency | Infertility | Influenza I Low Libido | Lyme’s Disease | Lupus | Low Energy | Meningitis | Menopause and Pre-menopause Symptoms | Migraines | Parasites | Parkinson’s | pH Imbalance | PMS | Psoriasis | Pain | Poor Circulation | Pulmonary Disorders | Sciatica | Sexual Disorders | Sinusitis |Skin Disorders | Sleep Issues I Sports Injuries | Stress | Rheumatism | Ulcers | Varicose Veins | Viral Infections | Tendinitis | Tennis Elbow | and many others…

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