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Opening Ceremony with Slí An Chroí Celtic Shamanism


Join us for a Bealtaine Celebration to launch Dublin Mind Body Experience 2019. John Cantwell and Karen Ward of Slí An Chroí will offer a May Bush Wishing Tree Ceremony to synchronise with this important time in the turning of the seasons and connect with the energies of early Summer and the great Celtic Festival of Bealtaine. Our Ancestors had the very beautiful tradition of tying their wishes in the form of natural elements such as a paper strip or ribbon called ‘clouties’ onto a small Hawthorn or Faerie Tree to call in their intentions for the Summer ahead. These may have been related to the crops and cattle’s safety or indeed a happy romance. Our modern evolution is to source ethically fallen tree branches and to fashion a May Bush Wishing Tree for us all to share. All are welcome as guests and exhibitors come together for personal, communal and global intentions and these may be added to over the weekend. All eco-friendly materials will be provided.

John Cantwell, Slí an Chroí Shamanism will lead the Celebration with his wife Karen Ward, Holistic Therapist and the Slí An Chroí community. They regularly provide Opening and Closing Ceremonies for many of Ireland’s Festivals.

Karen Ward

John Cantwell

Sli An Chroí Celtic Shamanism

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