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Come and experience the wonder of colour at our stand. 117 coloured bottles, which are at the heart of a system often described as a therapy for the Soul, will be on display.

This a wonderful opportunity to choose your 4 favourites and get a private consultation at a reduced price. Find out what your choices mean in terms of your soul journey. Allow yourself to come a bit closer to who you really are and experience the joy, creativity and vitality that is possible in your life.

Nobody knows you better than yourself. The colours you are drawn to are also the colours you need. Try some of the products and find out how they may bring ease, balance and calm to your energetic system. Learn how Aura-Soma supports you to be the best version of yourself.

A range of Aura-Soma products will be available for sale at our stand.

Alternatively, join us for a 40-minute in-depth talk/experience of this amazing system.

The stand will also have information on where to get full consultations in Ireland and how to study accredited courses in Aura-Soma.

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