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Andromeda Metasystems

Andromeda Metasystems


ANDROMEDA Metasystems is pleased to offer our new computerised diagnostic and treatment instrument, which contains well proven Hunter and Metapathia software.

ANDROMEDA (from the Greek ‘To beMindful of Man’) Metasystems has grown out of a multi-disciplinary private healthcare clinic, Holywood Health in Northern Ireland. We have found the bio-resonance developments, carried out mainly in Russia, to be so exciting and so compatible with our ‘hands on’ complementary medicine treatments that we use the technology daily in our clinic and our mission is to make it available to all competent health professionals around the world.

It is one thing having a sophisticated new toy in the practice, but it is quite another to make it perform correctly for the client. The amount of clinical insight the system provides is quite astonishing, and there is a responsibility on the operator to apply that information in a responsible and meaningful way. That is why all our sales are inclusive of thorough operator training. We prefer one-on-one at Holywood Health, but for overseas clients, we have tuitional videos and Skype sessions.

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