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Achieving your Dreams, Goals and Happiness - Mary MacRory


Shifting mental blocks, beliefs and negative behaviours that are holding you back from achieving your dreams, goals and happiness

This session is an eye-opener and enables us to see how we can relieve so much of the unnecessary stress that we put upon ourselves. By ridding ourselves of this, we can then free up space to allow so much more creativity with the accompanying positive and contentment that replaces those negative thoughts. It will include live demonstrations and engagement encouraging audience participation (only of you are happy with this, of course!) There is also an opportunity for a detailed Q&A session. The benefits of minding our own self-care (so that mentally, physically, emotionally and energetically we feel confident enough to be able to even acknowledge our visions and dreams and then convert them to step-by-step goals (maybe starting our own business, writing a book or some other projects we would love to do is essential). Going for our visions and dreams is not an area that many women (or men) place as a priority in their lives. The day-to-day living is crucial - we all need to earn a crust - but are dreams and goals fuel our spirit. Most of us function on auto-pilot - (and I have been probably one of the worst culprits here but I did get the "stuff" done and actually did it well - but there is far more to life). If we are depressed, hopeless, joyless and giving up on the gift that is life - that is very much to the detriment of ourselves, our partners, families and society in general. I would love you to join this session - even if you don't actively participate - because it is life-changing in a very good sense.

Mary MacRory

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